The most important priority of the Missoula International Airport is to ensure the safety and security of passengers. It is also essential that visitors’ trips are pleasant and enjoyable. To maintain this tendency, passengers should review current security policies and procedures and make sure everything is under control. Since security rules are changeable, passengers should be aware of travel tips move quickly and efficiently through the security processes.

Legal Identification

Passengers of domestic flights, aged 18 and over, must present one form of photo with I.D., which is issued by a state, local, or federal government agency. These legal documents can be a passport, drivers' license, military I.D., or two forms of non-photo identification, such as U.S. social security card.

Flight Info

Under normal circumstances, passengers should arrive a minimum of 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow for check-in and security screening. For the hectic early morning departures, and between the hours of 11 am – 2 pm, departure passengers should take into consideration the additional time, as well as for holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Missoula often faces traffic congestion during rush hours. A ride from the south side of Missoula to the airport takes approximately 30 minutes or longer.

Only passengers with tickets and an airline boarding pass are allowed beyond the security screening checkpoint. If a visitor is meeting a person needing assistance or a minor traveling alone, one may go to the airline ticket counter and ask for a gate pass.