Duty free

The airport gift shop, High Country Gifts, has two locations inside the Terminal of the Missoula Airport. On the terminal's main level, pre-security, their flagship store serves the visitors. Their second location is on the upper level, post-security; thus, it is open to ticketed passengers only.

High Country Gifts offers almost every item the traveler needs, including newspapers, magazines, snacks, sweets, and basic traveling needs. Besides, they offer a selection of Montana clothing, souvenirs, regional touristic books about Montana, children’s clothes and toys, jewelry including Montana sapphires, and a variety of gourmet huckleberry food products.


At MSO, there are two main restaurants located in the terminal. Both restaurants accept cash and credit cards. These restaurants are Jerediah's at the Airport and Liquid Planet. Jedediah’s at the Airport Restaurant offers a variety of catering options, like private in-flight catering, plane crew meals.

Bear in mind that no cancellations are available 12 hours before the delivery time. Contact information, see here: Brenda 406-830-0807 or 406-203-2643.