Parking Lots

There are three parking options at Missoula International Airport: Short Term Parking, Long Term Parking, and Credit Express Parking.

Parking Rates for Long Term and Credit Card Lots is $9.00 per day. On the other hand, Short Term Lot costs $15.00 per day.

Generally, parking at Missoula International Airport is smooth and safe. From MSO, it is convenient to access to Highway 10 West and Interstate 90. All three parking areas (Short Term, Long Term, and Credit Card Lot) have beneficial locations. Parking areas are located with a walking distance from the main terminal and Baggage Claim. Each parking lot offers accessible spaces for persons with disabilities. Parking is available for 24 hours each day, including holidays. All parking lots are well illuminated and regularly patrolled by Missoula Airport Police.

Bicycle Parking Area

Even the area is cyclists-friendly, MSO offers a bicycle rack located close to the Short-Term Parking. Passengers can also take advantage of free parking. Parking is open for the first 60 minutes in any of the parking spots, including the credit card lot. If you are departing and appreciate saving time, consider the Credit Card Express parking lot. Payment is accepted with credit or debit cards. The Credit Card Express entrance is situated on the right side of the Airport drive.